Evolve your enterprise step-by-step: upgrade the existing systems, build new ones, integrate them into a single control center

Rosenergoatom GC JSC AND SEDMAX Software

Monitoring the performance of hundreds of devices without involving the dispatcher

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Reducing the costs of implementing the Kurgan Generation Company AMR System

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“5 in 1” at Stavropolenergo: monitoring, metering, remote control, waveform and data collection and transfer system

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SEDMAX key features

  • Long-term reliable data storage
  • Calculation, aggregation, processing of data groups, calculation of indicators
  • Analysis of data for forecasting, planning and risk assessment
  • Data collection from various sources
  • Easy provision of information to users

Advantages of the SEDMAX platform

  • Improves
    the existing infrastructure
    SEDMAX — is a multifunctional platform, suitable for the creation of local or integrated automation systems at the enterprises, which already have accumulated a number of various automation systems, IT-equipment, field level devices, etc. SEDMAX improves what the company already has.
  • Provides
    Managers can obtain accurate information on the work of the enterprise at any time: how many and which resources are being spent and on which production processes, equipment condition, etc. They see the real picture of what the money is spent on.
  • Adapts to the company’s plans and objectives
    SEDMAX allows developing the enterprise stage by stage: starting with the operational metering system and gradually improving it into a unified automated metering, analytics and planning system. Each individual stage is a complete solution. Go back to the improvement of the system whenever there’s a need, time and money.

Предприятия, которые работают с SEDMAX

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Looking to quickly deploy an metering and control system?
Use a SaaS-solution by SEDMAX!

Get access to an already installed and configured infrastructure in our data center
SaaS-решение SEDMAX
What you get:
  • data confidentiality;
  • quick implementation;
  • high quality of service;
  • transparent payment system;
  • saving in technical support and the availability
    of latest software updates.
  • saving in system
    deployment in an enterprise.

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