Facility profile and problem description

Kemerovo Azot is one of the largest producers of nitrogen fertilizers in Russia and uses a wide variety of industrial processes. The plant's daily power consumption is 2 mln kWh costing a total of 5 mln rubles. Frequent fires and faults in the electric power supply system caused production downtimes for several hours. The Chief Power Engineer Department did not have the tools or data to reduce power consumption and manage emergency situations required for:

  • in-depth understanding of the real situation regarding consumption;
  • timely access to power consumption data;
  • the instant balance;
  • online monitoring of events occurring in the power system.

Resolving tasks

In order to resolve these tasks, it was decided to adopt a unified automated system for electric power metering and electricity control and operation.
The entire equipment fleet has been integrated into a single structure on the basis of a multifunctional SEDMAX software platform that collects data from multi-function SATEC (ETC-One and EM133) measuring transducers and enables the following:

  • Calculation of electric power consumption for all channels individually and for calculated groups, which are consolidated for required periods (30, 60 minutes, full day, month, quarter, year or more);
  • Control of remote measurement parameters approaching critical values;
  • Monitoring compliance with the adopted schedule of hourly power consumption.
  • Sending messages about extraordinary or emergency situations to the workstations of decision-makers with their subsequent recording and storing in a database;
  • Synchronization of the server system time with the Kemerovo Azot accurate time source;
  • Display of current and historical data of remote measurement and remote signaling in table and graphical formats on load dispatcher workstations;
  • Diagnostics of system hardware and software status, including self-tests;
  • Provision of real-time data for display on a video wall;
  • Open door signaling in switchgear rooms RU-6 (RU-10) kV of controlled substations;
  • Custom reports on energy consumption profiles of production workshops for 6 periods to be generated with just one click;
  • Custom acknowledgment of events from the event log, instead of using the notifications window;
  • Polling the electricity fiscal metering system (based on Energosphera software) and transmission of all data on electric power and power consumption:
  •        - currently for 1716 parameters,
           - to the existing MS SQL database (to the Automated Control Management based on PI System).

Implementation results

After commissioning of the new system, the work of power engineers immediately changed for the better as it was more convenient for the operating personnel.

  • First of all, duty staff no longer needed to perform monthly rounds to take electricity meter readings (there were 346 in total). As a result, the problems of having a universal time for the meters, errors when manually writing down the readings on paper and the timeliness of data collection were resolved. This, in turn, had a positive impact on the speed and quality of real-time decisions.
  • Secondly, the emergency warning system makes it possible to instantly identify the fault's location and promptly respond to it. This reduced the time for identifying the fault and production downtime from 1–2.5 hours to 2 minutes.

The archive waveform logs enable the course of the fault to be analyzed and understood after it happened, as well as the cause of the shutdown.

  • Thirdly, highly-detailed metering has provided a clear insight into the true power consumption, which has made it possible for every single production shop to collect statistical data on consumption. Full-scale analysis is scheduled to be performed at least a year later on the basis of the statistics accumulated for all 4 seasons in order to assess the impact of all factors on power consumption.
  • Fourthly, it is now possible to compare power consumption data with production data, deduce unit costs and take the steps necessary to control them.

Azot is developing in line with the concept of a "digital plant". Therefore, at the next stage the plans involve entering into SEDMAX the parameters of other energy resources, electric power quality parameters, monitoring the work of engineering systems, etc.

System Screenshots

Mnemonic Azot220.png
Mnem PS175.png
Mnemonic Azot1.png