Project background

Kurgan co-generation plant is a new gas engine generator plant in the city of Kurgan, 24 MW electric and 48 Gkal/h of thermal energy, constructed as part of implementing the dedicated program on Modernization of public heat supply systems in the Kurgan region in 2010-2015.

The plant is built specifically to provide the enterprises of the Kurgan industrial park with thermal and electric energy at a more favorable price rate, since the capacity of up to 25 MW does not require resale through wholesale market and is supplied to consumers at negotiated prices.

The system of commercial metering of electricity supplied to industrial park consumers was designed and built according to the rules of the retail electricity market.

In search of the most cost-effective technical solution that would allow to maintain high reliability indicators, the project of Kurgan AIEAS co-generation plant has been revised several times. The organization that developed the AIEAS project, together with the general designer of the Kurgan co-generation plant (Intertechelectro JSC) have implemented a number of measures to optimize the cost of introducing the AIEAS, including the use of SEDMAX software.


The main requirements to system functions: collection of data on energy consumption metering from meters like SET-4TM.02 M, storage and transmission of data in the format of XML 80020, XML 51070 layouts to Kurganenergo JSC and Vostok Retail Energy Sales Company JSC.

  • 1. In addition to meeting the basic requirements, SEDMAX allowed to implement the AIEAS diagnostic function and the collection of current parameters from electricity meters. Staff receives information about the status of each of the system’s elements, which ensures high readiness of the system.
  • 2. In addition, at the stage of setup, upon the customer’s request, we implemented in the AIEAS a function of reactor loss calculation at points of electric power supply.

SEDMAX setup was performed by the Intertechlectro JSC specialists with small consultations with the developer - Mavismart LLC without any special SEDMAX training, which shows the possibility of deploying SEDMAX by integrators and customers without additional costs.

System Screenshots