Prerequisites of the project:

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering" (TsNIIMash) is the head institute of Roskosmos State Corporation. The Institute carries out complex scientific research and experimental development of rocket and space technology.

TSNIIMash utilities include tens of infrastructure facilities being in different modernization stages.

 The previously developed design documentation for the automated metering system of electricity and energy resources did not meet all requirements of the customer:

  • Communication equipment was not supposed to be modernized in certain places
  • Some devices did not support open communication protocol
  • System core consisted of a set of software packages and applications, each responsible for its "small" task

 In 2017, the technical management of TsNIIMash decided to adjust the project in accordance with the technical solution of the engineering company (JSC NPP EnergopromServis).

 As a result, all software included in the project was replaced by a single software platform SEDMAX, entirety covering the required functionality.

Features of the solution

TSNIIMASH project is an example of an integration solution: one software integrates the

functionality of three systems with data stored on single server.
The system has a large number of different types of connected equipment with different level of obsolescence.

SEDMAX functionsfeatures of the solution

1) Collection, storage and processing of data from field-level devices:

  •  Electricity meters - SATEC EM133, SATEC BFMII, SATEC PM175, SET-4TM
  •  Flowmeters - VSKhN-150, VSTN-25, VSHND-50
  •  Waterflow meters - Akron-01
  •  Heat meters - TEM-104, TEM-05M, SDV-I, VIS.T, STD (VTD), MULTICAL 601
  •  Leakage sensors - PE-Z10
  •  Level sensors - MAERA S25 (Quantrol LC 100)

2) Providing operational information to users (without limiting the number of workstations), reports generation.

Results of implementationr

Electricity and energy resources metering systems allowed to reduce the time for calculating the balance of the supplied and consumed energy resources by 60-70% and increased efficiency of control over the engineering infrastructure.
Thanks to the SEDMAX software, it is possible to integrate a diverse set of metering devices, sensors and communication equipment in one interface and avoid a software "zoo" for each type of devices. It is provide the convenience of working with data for the staff, the unity of the interface and visualization, and – in the near future – the accumulation of information flows for the subsequent analysis of energy consumption of the enterprise.

System Screenshots