Chelyabinsk Investment Bank (Chelyabinvestbank) is one of the largest banks of South Urals. It’s includes Head Office, 9 branch offices and 91 offices in Chelyabinsk and towns of Chelyabinsk region. Nowadays the bank serves over 1 million clients. SEDMAX take part of high-level software in the system of commercial electricity metering. The main features of SEDMAX are as follows:

  • automatic collection of the metering data from multifunctional devices SATEC EM133
  • storage of the electricity parameters
  • transfer data to Chelyabinsk electricity supply company with XML 80020 format
  • visualization of the real-time grid parameters and historical data analysis

Data collected from 7 metering points located in power supply center of the Head Office and in the switchboard of data center.

In addition to commercial needs, real time parameters from SATEC EM133 are collected and visualized on web-based mimic diagrams. Also, SEDMAX providing many features for analysis of loads and states of the bank.

The results of implementation are as follows:

  • Large decrease of costs for electricity
  • Collection data not only for commercial needs, but for real-time analysis due to multifunctionality of software and devices
  • Increasing of grid observability with data visualization
  • Ease of use thanks to web-interface

The project implemented by our partner – «Logis» company. Before the implementation in Chelyabinvestbank SEDMAX was deployed and tested by Logis at servers of Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Chelyabinsk region. It used there as a tool for power quality analysis and electricity metering of Ministry data center.

System Screenshots