One of the world leaders in the glass industry, the Sisecam Glass Group implemented the project of creating a unified plant management system (PMS) of Mina JSC (Georgia) on the basis of the SEDMAX industrial information and analytical platform.

Purpose of creating a unified plant management system

Optimization of the process of control and management of a plant’s technological processes and improvement of the quality of manufactured products. The system consists of a subsystem for calculating the defective products and a subsystem for analyzing the quantitative characteristics of the types of defects at each stage of the technological process:

  1. The system collects information from the sensors on the assembly line and from the product quality control devices, thereby ensuring the collection of data of the entire technological process, including information about product losses (defects, breakage) in a particular production area.
  2. The system calculates the volume of manufactured products according to the types of bottles for different customers, such as Coca-Cola, BORJOMI, and displays this information on the dispatcher's monitor.
  3. The system gathers stats on the types of defects (about 100 varieties of bottle defects), with a time reference at 15 min intervals.


System expansion, including the implementation of the energy metering system, the data on the change in energy consumption will also be recorded in the analytical module with the ultimate goal of reducing energy costs in the cost of a ton of glass.

Structurally, the SEDMAX platform will combine the local equipment control and management systems existing at the plant and will collect data from the Siemens S7-300 series programmable logic controllers, which in turn collect data from a variety of different sensors installed at the lower level.

System Screenshots