The Margi Business Center is a large modern business center in Tbilisi, whose engineering infrastructure has been designed and built to meet the current requirements for lower operating and energy consumption costs of a business center. As in many business centers of this type, the payment for each tenant's electricity bill does not take into account the amount of energy that’s actually consumed,but is calculated depending on the area occupied and is included in the rent.

In addition, the operator of the business center is the one who pays electricity bills to the supplier (Telasi JSC is the only operator of Tbilisi electric networks) based on the numbers on metering devices installed at the supplier's side, and is unable to monitor their readings.

Despite the stereotype that it is not reasonable for business centers to implement automated metering systems, and is easier to either share common expenses or manually write off meter readings, today the market offers a number of simple, easy to implement  metering solutions that pay off in as little as 1.5-2 months.

In the Margi business center the SEDMAX LLC has implemented a fundamentally new system of commercial electricity metering, they key features of which are:

  1. One multi-feeder electricity meter that does electricity metering for all tenants.
  2. Cloud service for obtaining data on electricity metering.



The electricity metering is performed using the Hacs current transformers. These current transformers have small dimensions and, if necessary, they have a collapsible modification, allowing their installation without the need to disconnect power circuits.

The secondary current of these transformers is 20 (40) mA. This to organize secondary circuits using a twisted-pair cable. In addition, the winding of the current transformers can be opened without any consequences (electric shock, transformer failure).

Current transformers are connected to SATEC EM132 and BFM136 multifunctional devices. The EM132 device separately meterings electricity at the business center’s power supply input, and BFM136 meterings electricity consumption by all tenants. BFM136 is a unique device that allows connecting up to 12 three-phase or up to 36 single-phase connections.
In addition to the metering function, the SATEC EM132 and BFM136 devices provide the current parameters of the power grid (voltage, currents, power). The SATEC EM132 and BFM136 devices are connected to the Mikrotik RouterBOARD 750 router, which ensures a secure VPN channel for transferring data from devices to a cloud server.


Cloud server is a fault-tolerant, highly accessible service for collecting, processing, storing and providing information on electricity metering and power grid parameters. The service is implemented on the basis of SEDMAX software. It provides access to metering information to all interested users via a regular web browser of any stationary or mobile device connected to the Internet. In this project, access is provided through the http protocol and a password system at the SEDMAX software level. If necessary, it is possible to configure additional means of protection against unauthorized access to information (using the https protocol, secure VPN tunnels with encryption).

The implemented system allows to access both current and archived data on electricity metering and power grid parameters at any time from anywhere in the world and on any device (connected to the Internet). In addition, it is possible to e-mail electricity bills to tenants.

It should be noted that the introduction of such system is quite a cost-effective measure due to the use of a multi-feed metering device and easy-to-install current transformers. It’s also unnecessary to purchase and maintain server hardware and software. Cloud services are provided at the expense of a subscription fee calculated according to the number of connected subscribers.


Currently, the operator of the Margi business center knows exactly how much electricity is consumed by any of the tenants for a given period of time, is able to balance the received and consumed energy, controls the unaccounted consumption and makes settlements with customers through automated metering.

System Screenshots