As part of the modernization of the remote control system at the GPS 110/35/10/6 kV substation an integrated system was implemented that in addition to the basic function, which is remote control, also implements energy consumption metering, emergency event registration and diagnostic functions.

System functions:

  • monitoring the parameters of the normal mode electrical network on the substation’s main equipment
  • monitoring electrical networks
  • control of the position of switching devices, emergency alarm and RPaA trigger signals
  • remote control of the location of the substation switching equipment and on-load tap changers
  • transferring all information to the control center of the Central Electric Networks (CEN), presenting information to the CEN dispatching staff, as well as the subsequent transfer of the required amount of information to the Network Management Center, the Dispatch Center of the RDO and the dispatch center of the N electrical networks
  • diagnostics of the ICTS equipment condition
  • implementing additional functions on the basis of ICTS equipment (registration of emergency events, technical electricity metering)
  • monitoring the electrical equipment operation
  • registration of the emergency event parameters on the main equipment of substation switchgears (network parameters, RPaA trigger signals, emergency alarm)
  • automated metering of electricity and power, obtaining reliable data on consumption schedules and total electricity consumption at substation connections
  • obtaining initial data for calculation of electric power balance sheets at the substation and other technical and economic calculations.

SEDMAX functions in the system of information collection and transfer:

  • collecting current analog signals (currents, voltage, power, etc.)
  • collecting current discrete signals (the position of switching devices, the state of the protection relay, etc.)
  • tasks for each channel of measuring the primary processing formula
  • creating initial measurement channels
  • displaying the current data on mnemonic diagrams and in tabular form in real time
  • controlling parameter values, generation of alerts
  • buffering and archiving the incoming information
  • displaying archived data;

SEDMAX functions in the registration of emergency events:

  • capturing and storing oscillograph records from the recorders
  • converting oscillograph records into a single format (comtrade)
  • assigning names to the channels in an oscillograph record
  • flexible configuration of oscillograph record sorting while saving (by project, attachment, date, time)
  • copying oscillograph records to an external catalog function
  • notifying about new oscillograph records
  • viewing and analyzing oscillograph records (joining oscillograph records from different recorders, vector diagrams, spectral diagrams, etc.).
  • Oscillograph records are viewed and analyzed using a separate application – SEDOSCOPE, which is included in SEDMAX.

SEDMAX functions in energy consumption metering:

  • collection of data on consumed electricity
  • data storage
  • multifunctional report generator (archives for an arbitrary interval, calculation of power consumption based on indicators and the profile for an arbitrary period)
  • data export to Excel format
  • working with Layouts (80020, 80030, 80040, 51070)
  • working with event logs
  • maintaining single time in the system
  • synchronization of the meter time.

SEDMAX functions in equipment diagnostics:

  • diagnostics of server equipment (KOTMI, ICTS) and communication equipment using the SNMP protocol
  • diagnostics of multifunctional devices using the Modbus TCP protocol
  • providing diagnostic information to system users in the form of mnemonic diagrams, table forms and event logs via the Web interface
  • notifying system users about violations in the operation of System components in real time.

The implementation of the project has allowed to assess the practical possibility of building several automation systems on the basis of one software package and one type of measuring instruments.

System Screenshots