Creation of a separate subsystem of diagnostics of Automated information-measuring system of electricity consumption (which is caused by a large number of electricity meters).

The use of SEDMAX software allowed fulfilling the requirements of the TOR and implementing a complex diagnostic system of AMR System.

Main functions

  • collection of diagnostic information on the operation of the AMR System components;
  • additional collection of information on current electricity parameters;
  • data processing;
  • storage and provision of diagnostic information to users;
  • notifying users about emergencies and AIMS AMR System failures.

SEDMAX performs the following functions

  • diagnostics of the server and communication equipment using the SNMP protocol (monitoring device status and parameters, control over the use of server resources);
  • diagnostics of metering devices by reading the time and date of their internal clock;
  • control of obtaining data from metering devices in the database of the AMR System application software;
  • monitoring of UPS parameters;
  • providing diagnostic information to system users in the form of mnemonic diagrams, table forms and event logs via the Web interface;
  • notifying system users about violations in the operation of AMR System components in real time .

System Screenshots