The system is designed for measuring heat and heat carrier (water) and drinking water.

The system provides centralized automatic collection, storage and processing of data obtained at the connections of nuclear power resource consumers and transfer of collected data to the enterprise’s central servers for further processing, obtaining summary information and storage.

SEDMAX is used as the application software.

The system consists of two levels:

  1. The upper level – server equipment, communication channels equipment, AWP.
  2. The lower level is the primary means of measurement.

SEDMAX collects information from metering devices, processes and saves received information, provides access to information to users (web-interface), transfers information to external systems.

SEDMAX also performs diagnostics of the operation of all System components, providing diagnostic results to users.

The following meters and heat calculators are used in the system: VIS. T-TC, Elf 04P, TCPB, WST.

System Screenshots