The Telasi JSC is one of the largest network companies in Georgia, which distributes and sells electricity.
Its specializes in purchasing and selling electricity, maintaining and operating electric networks, servicing subscribers, administering a single integrated and coordinated system of electricity supply, water supply and cleaning in Tbilisi.

The Telasi JSC supplies electricity to the capital of Georgia. The annual electricity consumption in Tbilisi equals 2 billion kW/h. Telasi is currently carrying out technical re-equipment and upgrades of the power grid and the associated systems.
Within the framework of this task, the goal was set to implement a pilot project on organizing an automated electricity metering system in a two-entrance multi-apartment building on the Didi Digomi street with the subsequent presentation of information to both the managing company and the residents of the given apartment building.

The initial conditions for building this system:

  • the need to include in the system not only individual metering systems, but also technical metering for both entrances (elevators, lighting, etc.)
  • server hardware and software delivery was excluded
  • easy access to information for users via the Internet
  • minimal cost of system implementation
  • short terms of project implementation.

For organizing the metering the integrator chose SATEC BFM136multi-channel measuring instruments, which allow to organize 36 single-phase or 12 three-phase measurements on the basis of a single device that provides access to information via a single interface.

This solution made it possible to shorten the installation time, because instead of using 72 single-phase devices, it was necessary to mount only 2 BFM devices with remote open current transformers and immediately start the setup stage.

During the setup stage, these devices were brought into the SEDMAX cloud service, this solution allowed to deploy the system in the shortest possible time without using a server for collecting and processing data on the part of the customer. System settings were configured remotely by SEDMAX employees.


SEDMAX provides information on the monthly electricity consumption for each system connection for both the managing company and the building residents, while the latter do not need to send meter readings anywhere – all the information is already delivered to the supplier, and the residents can verify the validity of the sent data at any time. Each of them has their own login and password for entering the member’s area accessed through any stationary or mobile device connected to the Internet.

The project does not require the customer to spend large amounts of money to support the system: the customer does not need to have employees for supporting server hardware and software. Calculations for the use of cloud services are performed on the basis of fixed monthly payments based on the number of connected metering points, while there is no limit to the number of connected users. The existing software architecture makes it easy to add new subscribers without affecting the already configured system.

System Screenshots