Creating an integrated system of meteringing various energy resources in a single software package at an enterprise. SEDMAX integrates existing disparate local systems and various equipment.


  • Data collection from the metering devices or the Data Acquisition and Transmission Devices (DATD).
  • Data storage.
  • Multifunctional report generator (archives for an arbitrary interval, calculation of power consumption based on indicators and the profile for an arbitrary period).
  • Data export to Excel format.
  • Working with XML-Layouts (80020, 80030, 80040, 51070).
  • Working with event logs.
  • Maintaining single time in the system.
  • Synchronization of the metering devices and the DATD time.
  • Backing up hardware and software.
  • Information transfer to external systems.
  • Diagnostics of hardware, software, control over data transfer to external systems and malfunction alerts.

Examples of systems

  • AIEAS CPCA WEM/REM - Automated Informative Electricity Metering System for the wholesale and retail energy market;
  • AIEAS PA/TEPA - automated information and measuring system of commercial power consumption;
  • AIEAS TEPA -  automated information and measuring system.