Creating an automatic technical process control system (ATPCS) with the required number of parameter: from a few to hundreds of thousands. SEDMAX provides all the necessary tools to create fully functional SCADA and HMI in manufacturing ATPCS.


  • Collection of analog and discrete signals from controllers.
  • Creating initial measurement channels and integral parameters.
  • Displaying the current data on mnemonic diagrams and in tabular form in real time.
  • Interfaces for setting parameters and controlling technological installations.
  • Controlling parameter values, generation of alerts (light, sound, text (e-mail, sms)).
  • Buffering and archiving all incoming information.
  • Displaying archive data on mnemonic diagrams, in tabular form and in the form of graphs.
  • Transferring a defined set of data to external systems.
  • Keeping parameter time labels and assigning information reception time labels.
  • Maintaining single time in the system.
  • Backing up hardware and software.
  • Hardware and software diagnostics, control over data transfer to external systems and malfunction alerts.