Combining a large number of disparate metering, management and dispatch systems at an enterprise in a single environment, with a single interface to access information and unified tools.


  • Collecting current analog signals (current, voltage, power, etc...).
  • Collecting current discrete signals (positions of switching devices, state of automatic protection relay, etc...).
  • Data collection from DATD
  • Tasks for each channel of measuring the primary processing formula;
  • Creating initial measurement channels.
  • Displaying the current data on mnemonic diagrams and in tabular form in real time.
  • Controlling parameter values, generation of alerts (light, sound, text (e-mail, sms)).
  • Buffering and archiving the incoming information.
  • Displaying archive data on mnemonic diagrams, in tabular form and in the form of graphs.
  • Transferring a defined set of data to external systems.
  • Keeping parameter time labels and assigning information reception time labels.
  • Maintaining single time in the system.
  • Backing up hardware and software.
  • Hardware and software diagnostics, control over data transfer to external systems and malfunction alerts.
  • Multifunctional report generator (archives for an arbitrary interval, calculation of power consumption based on indicators and the profile for an arbitrary period).
  • Data export to Excel format.
  • Working with XML-Layouts (80020, 80030, 80040, 51070).
  • Working with event logs.
  • Maintaining single time in the system.
  • Synchronization of system time.
  • Transferring data to external systems.
  • Control over the status and parameters of devices: activity, port bandwidth, traffic tracking, response time, detailed information about interfaces.
  • Monitoring the use of server resources: CPU load and temperature, memory and hard drives, fan speed, supply unit voltage.
  • Monitoring operating system and application software events.
  • Controlling access to services and virtual infrastructure.
  • Monitoring of device and UPS power supply
  • Server status monitoring