Creating an Emergency Even Detection (EED) system based on multi-functional devices and built-in recorders of RPA microprocessors. The SEDMAX platform has a data acquisition module and a number of tools for viewing and analyzing oscillograph records.


  • Capturing and storing oscillograph records from the recorders.
  • Converting oscillograph records into a single format (comtrade).
  • Assigning names to the channels in an oscillograph record.
  • Flexible configuration of oscillograph record sorting while saving (by project, attachment, date, time).
  • Copy oscillograph record function.
  • Forced start or recorders.
  • Synchronization of recorder time.
  • Viewing and analyzing oscillograph records (joining oscillograph records from different recorders, vector diagrams, spectral diagrams, etc).

Oscillograph records are viewed and analyzed using a separate application – SEDOSCOPE.