Constructing algorithms based on the data analysis of a single information space in order to control the production and business processes, track key performance indicators (KPI), calculate the technical and economic parameters, make recommendations on their optimization, assess risks and make forecasts.


  • Calculating integral indicators and generating reports using graphical and tabular data presentation.
  • Identifying indicator and event dependencies on a variety of factors that can inform the staff of the enterprise improve their judgment in decision-making or modifying factors, as well as in making recommendations during the manufacturing process.
  • Forecasting indicator changes over time, identifying trends and seasonality for evaluation in the short and long-term planning.
  • The system is deployed in several stages:
  • Analysis of the processes taking place at an enterprise, as well as the data generated by various information sources. Evaluation of their quality and origin.
  • Handling and preparing data, developing modules for analysis and planning.
  • Defining informative value of the results and their impact on key performance indicators.

Upon successful completion of these stages we integrate the analytical tool in the technological and business processes.

The third level is the most advanced, it’s the final stage in the development of an enterprise’s information architecture.