Implement a system of hardware, automated and IT systems monitoring and diagnostics. SEDMAX allows to run diagnostics of individual devices, communications and server hardware, as well as system and application software. Users can manually add data transferred in real time, such as test results or individual measurements, etc.


  • Controlling the status and parameters of devices: activity, port bandwidth, traffic tracking, response time, detailed information about interfaces.
  • Monitoring the use of server resources: CPU load and temperature, memory and hard drives, fan speed, supply unit voltage.
  • Monitoring operating system and application software events.
  • Controlling access to services and virtual infrastructure.
  • Monitoring device power.
  • Server performance monitoring (server status monitoring).
  • Monitoring of the UPS parameters.
  • Displaying control and diagnostics results on mnemonic diagrams.
  • Malfunction alerts (sound, light, e-mail, sms).
  • Event logging.

Examples of systems

  • Monitoring and diagnostics of automated systems.
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of hardware.
  • Monitoring of IT-systems.